How old is Mocha Pro Essentials Premium and Master Mocha Volume 2

Would like to know how old (or which version of Mocha Pro was used) for training for Essentials and Master Volume 2. I know even if it is old fundamentals may be same but interested in latest features are included or not.

We highly recommend going with this version first, as it uses the most current software and covers the key features:

You can stream the whole course for free, or you can purchase to get the training footage, project files etc.

Thank you. I bought it.

Any dates are updated version of Volume 2.

I would like to know this too. I’m using the current versions of Premiere, After F/X and Mocha Pro, standalone and plug-in and it seems to me the Premiere files need to be updated. The frame numbers don’t match the videos in Mocha and the final versions of each lesson no longer work as they should. If it were just a case of the frame numbers not matching, it wouldn’t be so bad, but even the length of the excerpts don’t seem to match in Mocha. It may be a different version of the files were uploaded since in Premiere in all the lessons up to 5, part of the end of the file appears with diagonal cross-hatching at the end, which seems to indicate a mismatch between the clip and the length Premiere thinks it should be.

Or is it just me and my set-up: Premiere 15.0.2 (build 35), Mocha Pro plug in: Version 8.0.3 build 19.gad747e6f19f1 Build Date Mar 15 2021, Mac OS 11.4. I downloaded the training files on May 17, 2021. Using an intel macbook pro with a wx9100 in an outboard enclosure.

I’ve tried submitting this in written form on the support page but I never receive the email acknowledging my support request, but I do get a case number: 00185890. I’m starting to think I get the same case number each time.

The files were made in AE and not Premiere, so that might be why numbers are not matching up. I believe Ben is getting back to you soon.


Hmm, that’s odd. I’m talking about Master Mocha Volume 2. All the videos show the plug-in being launched from Premiere and there are very few AE versions included. In Mocha Essentials it’s definitely all from AE, but there’s very little mention of AE in V2. So, they were done in AE and the projects merged in Mocha Pro, then the launching of the plug-in was simulated? In the videos the files work in Premiere but not IRL in the Premiere Project files included with the training.

Even so, I don’t see how that would explain the discrepancies in the length from in to out points. But my
ignorance of AE is vast.

Curiouser and curiouser…


Ah, if they’re the Curious Turtle videos from years ago, that’s a different matter. Ben will sort it out with you. :slight_smile:

Again thanks. And thanks for the great work you do in training for Mocha Pro.


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They are indeed. Thanks.

Ya i bought them all, so, how old are they? are they still follow-able and useful for the current version ?

They’re a few years old and I still think they’re very useful.

k that good, i need all the lessons i can get, i am so green!


Ben did indeed sort it all out.

The problem was indeed a mismatch between what Premiere expected and the clip. Hence the diagonal cross-hatching on the clip. But it was the FRAME RATE that wasn’t matched. Due to what is apparently a quirk in Premiere, in my case (perhaps because I’m in the usa), the frame rate in Premiere for “Indeterminate Media Timebase” clips defaults to 29.97. This even overrides the frame rate of a project with a frame rate baked into the sequence. In this case it happened because Ben had wisely used a jpeg sequence for the clips instead of a movie file of some sort for portability. But Premiere thought it knew better. AI overreach. The good news is that Premiere can handle clips with different frame rates on the same timeline; the bad news it, it sometimes handles them rather strangely;)

The solution is: BEFORE YOU START VOL 2, go into the Preferences for Premiere and go to the Media tab. In the media tab, there is a setting for “Indeterminate Media Timebase.” If it is set to 25, you are good to go, but if it’s set to something else, you need to change it to 25. You must do this BEFORE you open the Premiere Project.

If you open a project from Master Mocha VOL 2 before doing this, go to the project window and open all footage folders and check the frame rate there. Then use the Modify command and use interpret footage to change the frame rate to 25. Then SAVE THE PROJECT. THEN BE SURE TO RETURN TO PREFERENCES and change the frame rate for Indeterminate Media Time Base to 25.

I may have made it sound more complicated than it is.

Hope this helps.

Thanks to all who helped me with this: Ross, Mary, and Ben.