How remove BackGround?

I can’t found way to remove background :frowning:
I want have ONLY walking woman
Video here dropbox (5 sec)

Thank you

Hi there,

This is a non-trivial remove, you have FG people with hair over a moving object in the background and multiplanar objects. This will be best served as a multi plane insert patch and not a remove. You can use this workflow to remove the woman from the shot:

The workflow will be to patch the various pieces of furniture and windows in the background and roto the FG women on the couch over the top.

If you’re unfamiliar with mocha techniques, I highly reccommend sitting down and watching the fundamentals of mocha in full here:

Thank you for fast answer.
What are you think your way more details and professional, then it way? NOT ENGLISH (and i’m not Italiyano too)) but all understand)

Yes, that would be a good way to rotoscope the women on the couch.

The background will still have to be rebuilt in patches and pieces though.


Sorry Mary,
i’m not understand you :frowning:
Why i need rotoscope women on sofa(couch)?

I want rotoscope Walking woman, i need like this 2016-10-31_22-20-03.png — Yandex.Disk but in bestter detalization)

May this your way mocha Pro 5 Plug-In: Remove Module Quick Tutorial - YouTube , but everything change place bicycle = myBG+FG, road=myWoman.

what are you think?

Do you want make TUTORIAL? )


Because you have to make large background patches and then you need to put them back over the top. This is not a remove that will be easy, you need to do insert patches instead.