How remove, if BG changing


i can’t found Tutorial of REMOVE with change background… On my tets video i show part with i want remove - YouTube (source in description video)

Thank you!

I’ve only replaced areas where there is a continuous supply of replacement content. What you have there is, more or less, a static area. Maybe a Clean Plate?

I’m listening too for a solution.

What are you mean “Clean Plate” ? Can you give link on tutorial with Clean Plate

Thank you

I had a static shot which then zoomed in. I made an artificial replacement of an area of a Plug Outlet on a wall, the replacement I found to be called Clean Plate.

Try some of these samples by Martin Brennand:



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Have you watched our remove module overview videos? They really help understand what Mocha needs for a solid remove. The best tutorials for remove are the following, we have a video series on the basics of the remove tool, part 1, 2, and 3:


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thank you! i forget about first lessons)