How to achieve this effect?

Dear community,

how can I achieve this kind of light trail effect in Optics like in the following picture from the Boris FX website? Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi Philipp,
I believe the light streak was created with a combination of S_Aurora, glow, and possibly some masks. Possibly a lens flare offscreen to help.

Note some of the Light filters can really be edited to produce results that you would not think about.

Here is a very basic Optics setup that you can use as a starting point:

You can import this setup from File>OpenSetup. Note that the Aurora filter is set to “Aurora only” at the bottom, but you can switch to add or screen

Hope this helps.

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Here are two Optics setup files that reproduce the exact effect, Open and image and then select File > Open Setup. (4.8 KB)


Yes - I forgot S_Zap can also be used for this! Again - experimenting with these filters can deliver some very unexpected creative results.


Hi Ross and Marco,

perfect, thank you very much for your quick support. I’ll be experimenting with these filters during the upcoming days.