How to activate Mocha License in Silhouette

I’ve got the multi-host plug-in license. I downloaded and installed the OFX plug-in. In After Effects it’s simply a case of opening Mocha Pro within AE and clicking on license so it follows that I’d do similar in Silhouette but there’s nothing showing in the OFX window and nothing obvious I can see in the drop down menus. Please advise.

@ExpensiveHobby If you have a multi-host license, activating one host activates all others. As long as you have installed the OFX version of Mocha Pro, you will find Mocha Pro in the Silhouette node group.

I’ve done the above and still no cigar. Should I try uninstalling then reinstalling?

Mocha There


You won’t see it in the OFX tab. It should be in the Silhouette node tab.

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And you said that in the previous post which I clearly didn’t read properly lol.

Yes, it’s there. Thanks.