How to add a graphic to a track that doesn't deform with the changes of perspective

I want to add a text to a 360° video that goes with the movement of my track, but doesn’t get distorted.

For example: I am tracking the basket of a hot air balloon and link a graphic to the track. Even if I’m only tracking the translation of the basket, the graphic still gets distorted with the changes of perspective of the basket. My goal is a floating text that moves along with the balloon through the screen, but stays flat.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Check your dope sheet, you probably have perspective key framed in on one of the frames. You can delete the keyframes… Or…

Make a new shape, track translation only, and use that.

I can’t seem to find a way to only get the Translation data after a track. I make a new shape, uncheck everything but Translation and click track. When I check the Dope Sheet after that, my track has keyframes on every trackable motion. I tried it with different videomaterial too. Also the idea to delete all of the keyframes but X+Y Translation as a workaround gives weird results too for a seemingly easy track.

They still write keys that are basically the same value, though we could probably feature request to not do that with @martinb. However, if it bothers you, delete those keys in the dopesheet. I just tested it, and tracking with translation only, deleting those keys changes nothing IF you tracked translation only first.

Either way, you should see the surface tool moving with translation only.