How to add a Linear Gradient Shadow?


How can I add a Linear gradient shadow to a sequence? Assuming that I’m supposed to use the the Linear gradient node, which shows a white to black and I can tweak the size/style, how do I actually overlay/comp this on top of a clip If I want a linear gradient going from transparent to dark in the top → bottom direction?

Thank you!!!

Have you had a look at the Color Gradient Node? Is that what your after?

You could also use the linear gradient and a math composite set to multiply.

I would do the following:

  1. Connect the Linear Gradient to the Obey Matte input of a Color Correct node.
  2. Click the Color Correct > Obey Matte tab, enable Obey and set the Channel to Luminance.
  3. Click the Color Correct > Parameters tab and adjust the Brightness down.

The Color Correction will only occur in the areas of the gradient.

While we adjust linear gradient, Its very tough to adjust four corner separately, If we need to move them once by selecting all the corner points.
If there is a feature that we can select multiple corner points to move at the same time, That’s really helpful

We’ll see what we can do to improve this in a point release.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the info. I’m in Silhouette 2020.5.7 and I just tried comp’ing the Linear and a RED color together and I’m getting some weirds result as shown in the screen shot. Any suggestion on how to fix this? Thanks!

There’s something screwy going on with the gradient. We will take a look.

Ok thanks for letting me know.