How to Adjust Title Preset Animation Speeds

Hello all -
I want to use the title preset - “Into Focus”. The Duration is 5 seconds, but the text does not come into focus until the very end, which is too late. How do I get the animation to happen quicker, and let the focused text hang longer, for say 5 additional seconds?

I’ve seen other posts describing “Rigid Runs” but for whatever reason I cannot get that to work.
Thanks in advance for any responses!

Hi Kyle,

This iss is unrelated to the use of Rigid Runs - the problem that you’re encountering is that the blur effect was keyframed and you need to adjust the keyframes so that they fit with the timing that you need.

Once you have the effect open in title studio, you should go to the timeline and twirl open the Blur Shaders track, then twirl open the Material - Flat Texture track, twirl open the Channel Texture - Blur Shaders track, and then click on (to select) the Shader - Blur track.

When you do that, you’ll see in the control panel the parameters for the blur shader and it’s the Master Blur parameter that has been keyframed.

So there’s a Master Blur key at the start that is set to a value of 148 - that’s fine as-is so long as you’re happy with the level of blur at the start of the effect. Then you need to move forward in time and set a new keyframe with the Master Blur value that you want at that point in time. Let’s say that value is 0 - click in the numeric entry box and enter a 0. The other thing you’ll need to do is to set the interpolation for that keyframe and if you want the blur to remain at 0 from that frame forward then you need to set that keyframe to hold. You can do that by clicking on the keyframe box (to the right of the Master Blur parameter) and selecting hold from the list.

I hope this helps!


That did it! I had transformation and material tracks hidden so I couldn’t find those keyframes. Thanks Peter awesome support.

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