How to apply fake six pack on stomach

’ i use mocha i want to apply six pack on my stomach pls explain me what the method use to apply ake six pack on our stomach thanks!! ’

If you’re only using Mocha AE you’ll have to use corner pins, but that will be difficult to use corner pins with if you’re moving a lot. If you’re needed flexibility I’d recommend using PowerMesh in Mocha Pro. I need more information about the shot to direct you further.

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thanks for replay me maryp i am new in mocha and ae so pls explaine me a to z i want flexibility tracking i track video in mocha after tracking complete i am not know what the method use to apply fake tattoo on check pls create tutorial for me want to apply tatto on check if you need more info then i attach videos pls see and tell me

Can you email me the clip to maryp at borisfx dot com?

i am not understand what you ask me i think you ask me you need my email for clip but send me your mail i send you clip and tattoo on your gmail now you try to apply tattoo on his check If you are successful in applying tattoo on his check then pls record video and send me but first send me your gmail my mail is

check email pls video clip has been send

Thanks a lot It has been solved maybe the video that I had did not work, with this exercise it works perfectly

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OK, so this is a pretty straightforward PowerMesh shot. You can find the Intro to PowerMesh tutorial here:

And if you need a detailed breakdown of PowerMesh you can find that in our documentation:

You will need to use PowerMesh to track, and then you can apply a tattoo pretty easily using the Mocha Pro plugin to warp that data over the top. I’d use some blending modes to make it look a little more realistic.

Please try the PowerMesh workflow and let me know if you run into any problems. I will be happy to help you.

its work thanks so much

I photoshopped a PNG file and followed the tutorial. As soon as I hit “apply matte” the file is not visible anymore?

Interesting, are you perhaps applying the incorrect mattes? Can you check in the mask dropdown which ones are visible?