How to ask for help in the Mocha AE Forums

Hi there!

In order to get timely responses from support and fellow users, it is really helpful for you to post as much information as possible. Below is a general guide on how to post:

General Questions

When asking about techniques and tools in Mocha, we highly recommend the following:

  1. Make your post title as specific as possible.
    Good example: “How do I remove multiple objects at once using the Remove module?”
    Bad example: “How do I do this?”
  2. Include your Mocha version. We can’t stress this enough. Knowing both Product, Version and Type will really help us to narrow down how to help you.
    Good example: “I am using Mocha AE Plug-in v6.0.3”
    Bad example: “I am using mocha”
  3. State everything you need to know in the body of the post and give context where needed
    Good example: “I am trying to track a wall, but the track is slipping. There isn’t a lot of detail on the wall to grab onto. I’ve tried using a large shape and increasing my Min % of pixels.”
    Bad example: “I’m trying to track a wall and it isn’t working.”
  4. Post images or footage where possible. It really helps to SEE the problem. We understand this can be difficult when working with client-sensitive material, so you can also send us the footage directly for more privacy.
  5. Be polite. We’re here to help.

Problems or Bug Reports

Any defects you post should be described in as much detail as possible. We recommend using the template below:

Title: [The build number in brackets] and a thread title summarising the problem

Version: The version and build number where you found the bug

Platform: A brief description of your machine

Description: A description of the problem at the beginning of the thread post

Steps to reproduce: Steps on how to reproduce the problem

Expected result: What you expected to happen

Actual Result: What actually happens

Regression: Was this problem not present in an older build?

Additional data: Anything else you can supply, such as an attached project or crash log

For example (This is not a real defect!):

Title: [Build 13374] Setting a key then deleting it crashes mocha

Version: Mocha Pro Adobe Plugin v5.6.0 Beta build 13374

Platform: Mac OS X 10.9.0, MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM

Description: When working with splines, setting a key then immediately deleting it with the keyframe controls causes mocha to crash.

To reproduce:

1. Create a spline
2. Move down the timeline and move the spline to automatically create a key
3. Hit the delete keyframe tool

Expected: Key deletes

Actual: Program crashes

Regression: Was working in build 9658.

Attached: Crash log

Using these guides will help you get an answer quicker!
Thanks. :slight_smile: