How to avoid mesh warping? Help!

Hello there, I’m pretty new to Mocha but from some recent works I did I can find myself really happy with the results
Only problem I’m facing is that I’m trying to track an arm in order to composite some glowing veins over it and it works awesomely but as soon as the talent pulls down his sleeve (he’s supposed to hide this problem in the story) the mesh starts to “wrinkle up” with the sleeve pulling down (since the top part of teh spline is following the sleeve line).
I’ve tried to manuallly track the spline (using an holdout for the sleeve too) and set the tracking to manual tracking but as soon as I hit track foward, it resets all and I’m faced witht he same problem.
Are there any way I can turn this around? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help

Try giving the sleeve holdout layer a much wider mask at the edges where they overlap the mesh. The mesh tracker can be quite sensitive to shadows, so if the sleeve has soft edges or cast shadows on the skin it may be still catching the mesh points.

I’d also recommend increasing the smoothness of the mesh track when the sleeve starts to come down. I discuss adjusting smoothness as you go in this tutorial:

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