How to change first frame number

I have mocha pro AE.

How do I change first frame number from 0 to 1 after importing footages ?
I checked preference. But I can’t . Please help me.

You have to change that in After Effects footage interpretation and comp settings.

yes, I do it .
AE first frame is 1 . And I check to frames at preference of mocha pro .
I restart new project of mocha. But First frame is 0.
Nothing change.

I set first frame 2 at AE2020 then open mocha pro , first frme is 1 at mocha pro.
Even if I set offset 0.
I try to AE2020 and AE2015.
I met this problem at AE2020. AE2015 is not.
Is it bug?

You might have to apply a new instance of Mocha Pro if you changed the settings in AE after you applied Mocha.

I solved this problem.

In AE on project setting , I changed frame number from “start from 1” to “start from 0”.

Thank you very much.