How to change frame rate AFTER tracking without messing up mocha tracking?

Greetings and Salutations!

Background: In VP17, Continuum looks at the current project settings, not the clip or media settings, when you launch Mocha. As a result, if my media/clip is a 60fps clip, but my project is set to 30fps, Continuum and Mocha will track 30fps.

Problem: AFTER tracking many clips to remove a zit (using BCC Remover, worked very well!), I decided to change the Render format to 1080-60p instead of 1080-30p. Vegas handles it fine, but the Mocha track is completely off during that render. :frowning:

Question 1: How can I render to 60p after it was tracked as 30p?

Question 2 (Idea): Wouldn’t it make sense to look at the media properties which the track is being based on, rather than the current project settings with regards to frame rate? If this was done, then changing render or project properties after a track would not impact the track which was based on the non-changing media properties.

Not a Boris employee, but a heavy VP user.

One problem with looking at the media is that’s not indicative of how you’re going to render it any more than the project settings are. In fact, Magix will tell you that you should base your project settings on your media resolution so that VP isn’t resizing every frame when previewing.

I can understand one reason Boris might not interpolate tracking data is the interpolation is more often than not going to be slightly wrong, resulting in jitter and movement that makes it obvious. In the end, you’re better off setting up the project for the highest resolution you need to render and converting that high-res video down to any lower resolutions you might want rather than re-rendering at the lower resolutions.

On the other hand, it would be nice if there was a way to convert the tracking data and then keyframe the errors back out.