How to combine multiple tracks?


is there a way to combine multiple tracks for one final move? I have a vehicle turning as it drives by the camera and I need to stick a logo on the side of it. So initially the front of the car is trackable entering frame left, then the side of the car is visible and trackable (and this is where the logo has to go) and then it continues turning passing center of frame and exiting frame right, continuing to turn, and then the rear of the car is in frame and I reckon I can track that as it travels into the distance.

However i don’t know how to combine three different tracks into one final move to attach the surface to, or even if that’s possible, or if I’m just approaching this whole thing wrong.

I’ve skimmed some of the tutorials, but I use mocha infrequently and even if I learn a bunch form the tutorial videos, I’ve typically forgotten it by the time I next have to do a heavy tracking job months later because I also wear 12 other hats.


Here is a workflow I use for when I need to combine tracks.

Complete your multiple tracks in Mocha.

In After Effects, duplicate the source layer to match the number of separate tracks. So, if three separate tracks, then you will have three instances of the source layer in AE.

Then Copy data from one Mocha track and paste into one of the AE layers. Rinse and repeat until each AE layer has unique tracking data.

Finally trim the AE layers so they only are visible during the tracking data they contain.

thanks for taking the time to respond to that, and for your detailed workaround.

So what I want to understand is this: is there no way to do this within mocha? my hazy recollection of all the mocha tutorials has left me thinking that there is a way to link tracks to eachother but if this is not the case then I want to know so I can stop trying to work like this or rediscover this workflow…

You can link other layers to existing track, but not combined tracks.
In your scenario however what you want is probably not desirable, as there are 3 separate planes to track that won’t contribute well to a single plane.

Generally, if you want to keep tracking one plane you can add more splines to the same layer and they become addtional search areas.