How to create light beams coming out of a box

Hi everyone,

Wondering if you can give me a steer with this (which could save me many hours experimentation!)

In the following clip, I’m introducing a product and want to make it looks like someone turns the lights down When I say ‘lights’ and then for light to emanate from the box as I open it.

First, I thought this would probably best be done with PI (not with a BCC filter). DO you agree.

Second, I used glow beams in this very rough draft (changed from point to line source). Do you think that would be the one?

Really, I’m after a steer for the right workflow for this in Da Vinci Resolve. I’m thinking mask and track the box. Put the effect behind the mask. Keyframe effect so it intensifies / grows as box opens. But trying to think how I get this to work with the idea of darkening the ambient light. I’m still relatively new to masking etc, but perhaps I can create a black semi opaque mask/layer over the whole clip to darken it when I say ‘lights’, then somehow get the beams to let the underlying clip through so to speak??

Any quick thoughts to help me on my way would be hugely appreciated.

Personally I wouldn’t use PI for this – if you have Continuum then I’d try BCC+ Atmospheric Glow, or BCC+Rays if you have an older version.

Then you can keyframe the light position, intensity, etc.

You’ll still need to have some bright (white) source inside the box which would be the source of the rays/glow.

Ah ok, thanks Alan. I did wonder about that (presumed I would have to apply bcc to a black or transparent layer with a white rectangle positioned below the box. But then I was thinking the beams in PI already have some animation. But I’ll try your suggestion first. Thanks again.

I wonder if perhaps BCC stage light would work well here. It would allow you to place your light source in the box. You could use a mocha mask to mask out the areas covered by the top of the box. The glow and volumetric lighting controls could create a more realistic look.

@vincentm_e8c60 Thanks for that suggestion.

Comparing the two, Atmospheric glow does seem to me to offer more config options, and I think gives me just a bit more flexibility with the shape of the light source. And it also has glow and volumetric controls.

@alanlorence finally published, and the I took your advice and used BCC+ Atmospheric Glow, but then also added a bit of masked brightness to try and make the light on my face look a bit more realistic (in the intro).

And then added a tracked chimney on my shoulder at 4:28.

Thanks for your help!

The light looks great!