How to create this effect?

Hi, have you any thoughts on how his can be created, there’s a bit of RGB in there too?

You can generate the rgb color offsets (the chromatic aberration look) effect with the BCC+ Prism filter.

Thanks, yep I’ve a few filters i’ve tagged (preset) as RGB, i think it was more the picture repeat/offset i was ref to,?
I had a play with S-WarpRepeat & BCC Reframer but can’t quite get the same look to repeat this, I did add the RGB but that adds it to the whole

I could just recreate this in the host by duplicating events/tracks, resizing & adding RGB etc, but was hoping for an ‘easy’/cool :joy: fx in the myriad of Boris filters i have , I’ll keep playing, we’ll see :+1:

I wonder if the BCC Z Space filter might be useful in regard to creating that effect? Might be worth a look.


:+1: Thanks, that looks like an interesting filter whether it does what i want or not, like you say worth a look,
I can find documentation on BCC Z Space I, II & III but no download? only downloads for past continuum full packages.
can you point me there pls.

You should find that filter in the Obsolete folder, Gid. If not please let me know.

Hi, searched your site, Downloads, Legacy downloads etc, everything seems to take me to a documentation but i can’t see a download option?
Further down on this page is BCC Z Space I, II & III but each just opens this page or similar I, II & II …

PS searching Obsolete just produces comments like ‘• Streamlined effect categories with deprecated filters moved to Obsolete category.’ but no link.

Sorry for any confusion that I may have caused, Gid. Here’s what I meant to say :

In Continuum, as you already know, given the tremendous amount of filters that we include in the product, we place filters into groups to make the product less unwieldy and to make searching for a filter an easier task. So all filters are arranged in groups.

As we update or make changes to a filter to include more features etc, there is sometimes a need to totally replace the previous version of the filter with a new version and when that happens we have to “obsolete” the previous version. To ensure project compatibility, we move the older filter into the BCC Obsolete group so that projects that used the older version of the filter will render the same result that it did when the user created it.

So, with that, you should find the BCC Z Space filters, there are three of them, in the BCC Obsolete folder on your systems. For documentation, you simply apply the filter, then click on the help doc button and you should be presented with the docs for that filter.

I hope this clears things up!

Thanks I searched my PC for things like Z Space etc, no result, & there’s no BCC Obsolete folder on my PC only the options shown in the FX window below in Vegas, I assume i would have had to have downloaded the Continuum package that Z Space was in, I’ve only got these downloads

PS can i download the old Continuum’s from the Legacy downloads list or would i need an activation key for that yr/Version ? * Version: 10.0.6 etc…

Hmmm … I forgot that you’re using Vegas. We have never offered the Z Space filter in the OFX hosts due to the multiple inputs that the filter required and therefore you won’t find it. :frowning: Sorry for the wild goose chase, Gid. It’s still included in Avid and Adobe hosts, FWIW.

:cry: Vegas again eh, :unamused:
Thanks for your time :+1::+1: