How to deactivate and activate license

Good day everyone.

How do I deactivate and activate the Sapphire license. I want to switch back and forth between my laptop and desktop. Currently it is on my desktop.

Thank you

Sup Chuck,

The best way to do this is to not even bother with the joke of an app that is the BorisFx Software manager.

Just simply uninstall the Boris Fx App (in your case Sapphire) from either your Workstation or your laptop…(if prompted to deactivate - click Yes)

Then Install it to the device you wish to use it on & activate it upon installation.

You can only have the software installed on one device at a time.
Currently, there is no way to have it installed on both simultaneously & activate / deactivate as needed. (which for as expensive as it is - should be an option imo) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you for the reply

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I just tested this. I deactivated in the application manager just fine, and activated on another computer. Maybe you could share some details on what you are seeing?

I would not recommend the lengthy process of uninstalling the software to handle licensing. Contrary to Roberto’s advice, this is exactly what you should do to deactivate a license manually on your machine, which is to use the App Manager, switching to “Licensing” at the top and clicking on “Deactivate” for the software you need to change.

Hey now just sharing what The Tech Support at BorisFX Told me…Maybe they updated The App Manager & it’s not intermittently malfunctioning / working more consistently.

(I would Activate & Deactivate frequently - Day / Night scenario… it would sometimes not work)
Hopefully they have fixed it - & it’s more like Maxon One App.)

Harry…thx for the reply. I will be traveling next week so I will try out the app manager before I leave.

Roberto…Thank you for the info. Hopefully they have it fixed. Next week will be my first time to try it.

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It is not fixed yet right? I just could not reactivate my license on the same device and had to completely reset my license

You’ve got the latest version of the App Manager?