How to disable inactive (0 opacity) roto shapes in viewport?

Hey all

I was wondering if there was a way in Silhouette to easily disable the view of inactive/invisible roto shapes (that are automated to show up in the plate later) from view in the viewport? I was studying in University and their PC’s automatically had the rotos that weren’t in use disappear from view, but I’m using it personally right now and it’s becoming a mess right now with all the inactive shapes layering on top of each other.

Much thanks.

The shape outlines of shapes with 0 opacity will not be visible as long as they are not selected.

I think pressing ‘v’ in keyboard hides the inactive (0 opacity) shapes from viewer

Yes, thanks @askmadlookz

The Fade Outline With Opacity Shape prference enables the behavior of hiding 0 opacity shapes as long as they are not selected. This preference now defaults to off. The V key toggles the visibility of 0 opacity shapes on/off regardless of how the Fade Outline With Opacity preference is set.

Thanks all! Pressing the v key works like a treat.

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