How to distort a screen insert in AE

Hey geeks.
I’ve got footage that already has a screen insert tracked, but i noticed now there is some warp in the screen im inserting the footage onto. I have figured out how to get the lens distortion in mocha pro, and i can even export it. Back in AE, Im missing that last step on how to get the lens distortion data onto my screen insert. I’ve added the effect “mocha pro”, but that’s as far as I get. Help? Thanks!

There are 2 options:

  1. is you can render your insert with the lens calibration via the Mocha Pro plug-in and insert module
  2. You can export the lens warp calibration data and apply it in AE. For this you need the free Mocha Lens Importer plug-in for AE: Boris FX | Downloads

This is an old video, but might help: Boris FX | Mocha Lens Plug-in for After Effects. The Lens Module - Part 1

That’s where that plugin is! Thanks! Ok i’ll see if this fixes me up.
Thanks a ton for getting back to me so quickly.


OK i tried this. I am on AE 2019 and Mocha pro 2020. I have the lens distortion setup in Mocha. I made sure distortion is enabled and export my lens data.
Once im in AE, i’ve applied teh mocha lens effect to myscreen insert, and then paste (cntr v) as in the video. Nothing copies over. Am i missing something here?
Also, im on a mac, high sierra…thanks!

Do you have the Mocha Lens plugin installed?

If you don’t, nothing will happen when you paste the lens data.

I have mocha lens on the layer to be distorted. In mocha, I copy the lens data to clipboard, the. Back in ae, on the screen insert comp layer, I make sure mocha lens effect is on it, then command v to paste. Nothing happens. I’m wondering if this the same problem as copy/pasting the transform data issue with mocha 2020 and ae 19/20 latest updates.

It might be a copy paste issue but I want to confirm that you have installed that plugin. It’s not part of Mocha Pro, it’s a separate plugin you need for AE to parse the data.

Yes. I downloaded mocha lens specifically from link above. Installed it and made sure it is on the screen insert comp layer (which contains constant for the screen) before pasting the data. Mocha lens not the mocha pro effect.

Ok, I’m probably going to have to remote into your machine and see what’s up. Can you email me at with a good number to reach you at?