How to enable full screen mode in Mocha

Hi there,
I want to record screencast for tracking in Mocha AE & I want the viewer to be full-screen mode. do you know how I can enable full-screen mode in Mocha AE?

Are you on Windows or Mac?

In Windows, you set fullscreen mode under the “System” tab of Preferences in Mocha.
On Mac, you are restricted to a maximised window view only.

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I tried it but it is not full as I want. I want it to fill all the monitor.

Are you on Windows or Mac?
What does your screen look like?

sorry for delay

Ok that is strange, i’ve not seen Fullscreen mode cut off like this before. What is your screen resolution and monitor setup?


Bu monitor setup, I mean are you using more than one, or just a single monitor at 1920x1080?

3 Monitors, but this the one I use for mocha