How to export insert without FG roto shape?

I have an insert which covers finger tips. i dont want the insert covering finger tips.
How to export insert clip without finger tip (roto part)? I tried to selected hand roto layer and insert layer together and export, which did not work.
When I edit this in nuke, it sounds like cannot be edited.

You can either composite the fingers over in nuke by exporting the shapes to Nuke OR you can use the “use FG mattes” in the insert module and stack the fingers in the layer above the insert layer using all mattes or simply using the finger roto.

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Thanks Mary!
What it the roto shape is different from surface tool?
It will cut all my insert into my roto shape. :Like this…

The shape is just the mask and where the track is looking to track.

The surface tool follows the track and is also the corner pin or insert.

If you’re using your roto shape for the track, you will get odd results like the above. Select the matte for the fingers instead in the insert module.