How to export rendered shape track matte ( not matte )

I’ve got a layer placed under two others that intersect to create a “more complex” roto. I want to export that layer as I see it when I select “selected track mattes” as “show layer mattes” option on the ui. Sorry to bother with that simple question but I didn’t find the answer on the forum and i’m stuck. Mocha only exports the selected shape without taking account of the layers above.

It sounds like you want to export the rendered matte (export shape from file menu) as opposed to exporting the roto data.



When you export your layers into your host, you may need to change how those shapes are composited in “add” or “subtract” within your destination host. This is pretty easy to do in AE, for example, there’s a dropdown menu by the mask shape.

Ok Thanks Mary,
I thought I could do the subtract within Mocha.

You can use a subtract on your layer in mocha for visualization if your right click on the layer, but your export mileage may vary depending on the host. I usually just like to subtract in the host, rather than end up doing it twice.