How to extend Dope Sheet timeline?

Basic ‘shot was extended’ project. In the past this was never an issue, but after importing/swapping in the new clip, everything except the Dope Sheet is updated. How can I extend the Dope Sheet timeline manually?


Set the in and out points in the project timeline, and you should be all set.

Thanks for the reply!

Is ‘project timeline’ the same as ‘Project settings…’ under File? I’ve already updated that to be the correct new length. Using Mocha Version 4.0.2 build 10148. I’ve updated everything I can for the timeline, but the Dope Sheet stays the same. I also have to extend the front of the shot, not sure if that changes anything.

Right, but I mean on the timeline, here, under the viewer.

On the far left. If you adjust those numbers it should update the dope sheet too, let me know if it does not?

Hi Mary,
I’ve done that too, but the Dope Sheet stays the same length. I’ve attached a screenshot showing the updated timeline and the Dope Sheet still reflecting the old timeline. I’ve zoomed out as much as I can, there are no more frames after 114.

What happens when you hit the ]__[ button instead of the ][ button? Does your timeline expand?

Doesn’t do anything.

Weird, can you send me the project to

The project is for a confidential client and I’m not entirely sure how to remove the file path from the project. I’d rather not send it. I’m going to bite the bullet and start from scratch. Thanks for you help anyway.

Press Control and scroll wheel to zoom the Dope Sheet. Option/Alt to Pan.

OK. Before you redo the file, try just tracking the layers forward just to be sure that you can’t.