How to extract a plane and flatten it?

Is it possible to track a plane, and FLATTEN it to a perfect square? Like apply a corner pin to put it back to a rectangle?

Example use: 2 takes of a steadycam shot, and something in a window in the background in take 1 is GREAT, but take 2 is better overall, but the window piece isn’t as interesting. I want to flatten that window intereior from take 1, so its a flat plane, (corner pin flatten it), and then in take 2, track the window again and paste over the window from take 1 with a new corner pin. Yes the perspective wont be perfect, but I think it can be close enough to work!

This is something I’d like to do a lot and see how I can use this to stitch takes together from slightly difference perspectives.

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

If you do a fully locked Stabilize with all motion and maximum smoothing, you can get the plate in one position. You could then pin that layer as a separate pass in a new track.

Are you using the plugin?

Yeah I’m currently using the mocha pro trial plugin. Definitely going for the annual subscription very very soon.

Yeah I did the full stabilize and got it locked but it has its perspective baked in. I tried eyeballing a corner pin to straight it out, but its very difficult since moving each corner of the corner pin throws off the position QUITE a bit… maybe there’s a better way to extract the plane than what I’m attempting.

I did a project where a mocha artist DID this, so I’ll try asking what he did. I think it had to do with copy pasting tracking data into a corner pin reversal plugin he had or something. It wasn’t super straight forward but the end result was a PERFECT plane extracted…

One very easy way to at least to the stabilized precomp side is via Mathias Möhl’s MochaImport script:

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Ah, now that’s getting somewhere. Thanks a LOT for the link!