How to Gain Access to Subscribed Products?

Continuum Complete subscription is paid and active. License shows on BorisFX website account info. But the products cannot be used, because Red X’s cover all of them. License has been activated, and for a day, the products worked. Then, the Red X’s returned. License activated again. Red X’s returned. Repeat…
This makes these products unusable, and all my attempts to get support (phone, email, chat) have yielded nothing. Time’s up on the project, so there’s no recovering the damage done; however, I still have the need to resolve this at once.
I see on these forums that this is not a unique problem. Any solution?
Thank you.

Hi There.

On behalf of the company, I sincerely apologize for the problems that you’ve encountered with the license watermarking. We’ve seen that a small number of subscription licenses have failed recently with an issue that is tied to the RLM license manager.

I’m surprised to hear that you had trouble getting someone to respond - our support staff typically respond quite rapidly to any request for assistance so I’m not sure why you couldn’t connect but we’ll investigate. Meanwhile, I’ll personally ask someone from that group to reach out to you and help solve this licensing issue.


That’s very kind. Peter.
Alas, your perception of the support staff does not match my experience. Impossible to reach directly, and non-responsive when reaching out indirectly.
These products seem as if they could be great, but it’s impossible to rely on them for any time-critical work. That need not be the case.

Hi whowerton01,

Sorry for the delay. I’ve searching for your support ticket, but am having some trouble locating it. Do you have the ticket number?

Amy replied to an email, and said she’s taken ownership of the case.
The problems have changed from inability to maintain activation (at least for the moment) to BFX crashing host every time. Wish me luck…

Perfect, sounds good!

Technically, crashing the Host every time doesn’t sound good to the user. But it is good that your very capable colleague is on the case. Thank you.