How to get a video to be immersive in Youtube

Hi everyone,
I purchased the BCC VR Reorient for Davinci Resolve Studio 18 after watching several videos by Hugh Hou on YouTube. I’m really enjoying the plugin but am a bit baffled on how to get YouTube to recognize it as an immersive 360 video. I suspect it’s something simple I’m missing in my workflow but after hours of playing I can’t work out what it is. Here’s just a sample

  • Import video into Resolve (5760x2880)
  • Add a music track
  • Apply the BCC VR Reorient plugin to the clip
  • Select Preview from Reorient>View Mode
  • Add key frames to control view
  • Select Full from the Reorient>View Mode
  • Render video (5760x2880)
  • Upload to YouTube

After the video is processed It just the same wide, skewed video I was working with in DR. I’ve tried using the ancient Spatial Media Metadata Injector (SMMI) but I seem to take a giant quality hit, but the video is immersive in YouTube. Thinking it might be a video compression issue, I’ve even tried exporting the video in QuickTime Prores as the original clip, editing, and then exporting from DR as QuickTime DNxHR 444 (and a handful of other high quality codecs before importing into SMMI.

Thanks for any guidance anyone is able to offer.