How to get proper planar Track?

Hi there,
I’m struggling around getting a proper planar track of this shot, its always a bit wobbly. I’m using Mocha AE 8.0.4 in cc21.

Thanks for help!

Hi @gfx0r I’ve sent an access request to see the clip.

Hi Martin, sorry the file should now be available.

Short answer is this is quite hard.

The only real trackable surface is the edge around the screen.

My suggestion is to roto out the foreground people with some large garbage masks, then on track the outside edge, like so:

Even then, you’ll need to probably use adjust track to correct for drift, as there is a persistent non-coplanar reflection going around the edge of the monitor.

Alternatively, since it’s a short shot, consider manual tracking, for example: Mocha AE Manual Track Tutorial | Track Difficult Shots in After Effects - YouTube