How to get shape tracking translation in frame pixels


I’d like to know in which coordinates are the translation parameters of the exported keyframe shape data: Data that crashes AE when it's on the clipboard -

How to convert them to pixels ?

Not really sure what you’re after here. Can you elaborate?

The coordinates in our shape data export for After Effects are in Mocha’s internal camera space. When you select Edit | Paste Mocha Mask in AE, it runs one of our plug-ins to warp that into the coordinate system of the comp. As this uses Mocha’s proprietary code, I can’t share the details with you.

Mocha Pro has a number of other shape export formats that can be interpreted without needing proprietary code, for example SSF, which has a published spec, or the Nuke format which is fairly easy to understand. If you let us know what you’re trying to do, we might be able to help.