How to get track to ignore smoke?

I have a shot where a faint smoke drifts over the area i need to track and there isn’t any other planar surface without smoke where I can draw the roto shape. I have animated the shape to avoid the areas where the smoke has the most density and tried to track only TRS but aren’t able to get a perfect track. Have tried adjust track but that’s difficult since there isn’t any really consistent features to aim for. So my question is if there is any settings I can use to make mocha ignore the light changes that occurs due to the smoke?

Using mocha pro 2022, (Under NDA so can’t share screen shot)

You could try either using a very low Smoothing Level (0.5) or reducing the minimum % of pixels. Sometimes when there are drifty transparent obstructions using fewer pixels is helpful because Mocha will latch onto the more salient details.

Otherwise, i’d suggest the preprocessing tools in v2022.5 that help treat the clip before you track.

If you’re stuck with 2022 for now but you’re inside a plugin environment,your next best option is to modify the clip on your timeline (contrast, blur, etc) to reduce the smoke visibility.
Then you can apply Mocha as an effect after this (in AE for example you would need to Precomp your clip changes before you applied Mocha).

Great Thanks Martin, I’ll try out those tips. I’m using 2022.5 so I’ll try the pre processing tools as well.