How to handle non Matching Frame Rates

Using Mocha Pro, After Effects CS5.5

Hello, I have several question that all revolve around the FPS settings between Mocha and After Effects. Hopefully this will be seen by Mary P. and she will do a video on what to do if you’ve spent a good deal of time in Mocha, tracking and roto-ing etc… only to discover after several hours of work your FPS is not set correctly, or is the only solution to start all over?

Anyway here is my situation and my questions.

I shot some footage with my cell phone which when placed in After Effects reads 1280 x 720, 30.243 fps. When I place the footage in Mocha there is no custom option in the Frames pull down menu, the closest is 30 fps. but I’ve been lead to believe that close is not exact and therefore is useless as the track will slip. What do I do?

Should I:

  1. Change the FPS of the FOOTAGE in AE via the Interpret Main to 30 fps (which gives me the alert that the audio may not sync up)

  2. Put the Footage into a new comp that is 30 fps and render it out so that I have a new piece footage that is exactly 30 fps?

  3. Is the Mocha project supposed to match the AE Composition that the footage resides in or is it supposed to match the Footage in terms of Size, PAR and Frame rate.

  4. What does one do when there is no matching FPS in the pull down menu that matches either the AE Comp settings or Footage settings.

  5. Why doesn’t Mocha have a custom settings option for situations like this?, wouldn’t be better to let people type in the exact FPS instead of only having a pull down menu of presets.

Thank you.

We maintain a list to keep standards easily selectable, so the main problem is that the footage is a non-standard frame rate.

There is a workaround for this if you need it to be 30.243. Simply save or paste the data to a plain text file and change the frame rate at the top of the data. Then simply copy it again and paste to After Effects. Changing the frame rate of the data will only affect the syncing, so you won’t need to start over.

Mocha data needs to match the composition specifically. The comp should conform whatever you place into it to the frame rate specified.

I can add a request to make a custom field for frame rate. We maintain a list to keep standards easily selectable, but it should not be difficult to add a custom field.