How to Increase In to Out layer shape

Hi,Im completely new with this whole thing.
I tried to import a footage into the layer but the footage only played until 1371 out of 2150 frames. how do i increase it?


Check your frame numbers at 1371 in your clip folder, you might have a dropped or unrendered frame somewhere and that is shortening the clip. Also, are you using the plugin or the standalone? What version number? What host? What OS? This information can help us track down the issue much faster.


Hi,Thanks for the reply
Sorry, but im not sure where the “clip folder” is.
Im using the plugin version 6.0.1 on Premiere Pro in Windows 10.

Thanks for your help,

The “clip folder” in this case would be the folder where you are storing your footage you are using inside of Mocha. It can be any folder, but it’s the location of your footage.