How to increase size of a inserted picture in Mocha Pro?


I made a short video showing the 2 questions I have related to inserting and image in a shot.

Thank you!

Hi, now you’ve tracked the wall you can increase the size of the surface plane, the blue shape in the middle but you can increase the size of the tracking spline too if it gets in the way like a mask,
You can create another layer any size you want & link that to the first wall track, then hide the wall track,

If you are using a corner pin you need to adjust the size of the surface to change the size of the splatter.

For the motion blur, you will have to render motion blur by using a special node in Fusion. DaVinci Resolve Studio has motion blur controls in the “Color” page. The Free version doesn’t support motion blur, however, there are work-arounds to implement motion blur in the free version according to online sources. I’d ask on the BM forums.

You can get around both these limitations and use a “what you see is what you get” module in Mocha by using the Insert Tab, making the splatter the insert clip, and rendering with motion blur from the Insert Tab.

There’s many ways to solve this. Most folks prefer native tools in Fusion more than rendering to the timeline.

Thank you for your reply !

I’m learning/using Fusion Studio at the moment.
Is it possible to show me a video tutorial of yours that would explain the rendering process from Mocha Pro to Fusion Studio while keeping in mind color space?

Let’s say the footage is from a Blackmagic Camera 6k RAW. what would be the process to go from RAW Footage → Fusion Studio → Mocha Pro → Fusion Studio for (final render Rec 709)

And would it render only what I insert (let’s say a PNG file of blood splatter on the wall) or it would render the whole scene?

Thank you!

You can have it render either the blood splatter or the whole scene, I recommend the blood splatter only so you have more control. You can adjust color space in OCIO color management in Mocha and here’s the workflow: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

I don’t personally have a tutorial for the insert module with Mocha Pro in Fusion Studio. But it should be as simple as checking the render checkbox and using the dropdown menu to select “render insert” and not “render insert with composite.” I would also check the motion blur checkbox.

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