How to Insert plate to a bended surface?

I have a shot with a big TV-display:
You see the guy on the middle-LEFT side, I want to change animation on that screen to mine, but I don’t know how to do it?
Thank you in advance! :rolleyes:

Are you replacing Rowan Atkinson on the far left or Adam Sandler? You shouldn’t have any trouble tracking the left screen and then inserting there.

Alternatively track as normal and export the corner pin into your compositor, then do any warps there.

Hi sambuev,
It would depend on what the camera is doing, but you could track the surface as normal and then use the warp mesh in the insert module to bend the insert to the right curve.
If you just have it from that angle then it shouldn’t be much of an issue. If you are moving around in perspective and it is revealing more of the TV as you come around that of course would be harder.

I have to remove Rowan Atkinson (sorry I didn’t know his name) :smiley:
I watching tutorial now from cmiVFX :slight_smile:

I’ll try to track Adam’s Sandler face as a main tracking-layer and then I’ll attach second-layer to the main track.
Camera is moving around, but not in a perspective view, it look like just X-Y translations.
I need to replace animation on the screen, but I’m looking for any ways to bend it.
I’ll try to use Warp in the Insert module, I hope it will work for me. :cool:
P.S.: I going to watch tutorials about Insert-module and warp - do you know any tutorials about that on a Vimeo? :o
Thank you!