How to install Particle Illusion as a plugin for Resolve?

I feel pretty silly asking this, but I can’t find instructions for installing PI as a plugin for Resolve. I haven’t installed video plugins before, so this is a new process for me. I’ll really appreciate it if someone can please point me in the right direction.

Hi, I really don’t really know much about Resolve but if you have installed Particle Illusion on you computer it should be there in Effects, I don’t think the free standalone version will show tho, you’d need to buy the plugin version.
If you have the plugin version I think it would be more a case of how do you apply it, learning, if you don’t know, how to apply fx to the timeline in Resolve, in these pics i added a solid colour from the Generators tab, created a compound clip so that i could drag PI onto it, i changed the colour to white so you could see it, but then PI changed that :man_shrugging::joy:

Uploading: Desktop Screenshot 2022.01.25 -…

Thanks a lot, Gid. Unfortunately there are no BCC effects in my OFX list.

The links I have been sent say they are Standalone versions. This is part of my confusion, since I bought plugin versions - 2 licences. We’ve had it since August 2020 and have never used it, since I couldn’t get it working.

I questioned whether I have been sent the wrong install link, but haven’t received a link to a different install option, so I presumed it was the same install - just registered.

Thanks again, and I look forward to your thoughts.


Hi, do you have BCC which is Continuum?
any of these in your start menu?

Hmmm, No Continuum, only the Application Manager and PI Standalone. Downloading BCC now, hoping that’s the way forward.

Ok the Application manager will show if Continuum is installed

OK, I entered the activation key and it says I have to buy an upgrade to be able to use it. That’s a tad frustrating, since we’ve had it since 2020 and never got it working.

yeah that’s frustrating, when you bought it, did you buy a ‘New Licence’ or a subscription?

I bought a licence. I’d used PI a lot back in the early 2000s, and wanted to incorporate it in some of my teaching. There was too much confusion over installing - probably because I’m not a Boris or Continuum user. I eventually gave up.

There seems to be an assumption that Illusion users are already BCC users, so will know how to install, so I can see how this would be an oversight. It’s been a really frustrating thing for me, and I can imagine there are plenty of others out there who would benefit from this being made clear.

Lots of great instructional videos and information on how to use it… just not how to install in the first place! haha.

Thanks a lot for the help, Gid. It’s much appreciated.

Yeah, i can understand the frustration, if you bought a licence that should be for life :thinking: for me it was simple sorry to say, i downloaded, installed & activated the key, since then if i update, the Boris page asks for the key which is automatically in a drop-down, most plugins i’ve owned have always just been in my editing software after installing, NewBlue seems to like deactivating itself but that’s a different story but is still in the editor,
Do you have other plugins that are showing in Resolve?
Boris might reply at any time but they tend o work in US Mon-Fri 9-5pm sort of work hrs, there’s a chat window bottom right on the main Boris website, i’ve had a good response from that, but same again it’s done in US business hrs,
Best of luck :+1: let me know how you get on , thanks :+1:

What’s in My Account when you log on the man website, in Licences there’s things like Download installers etc…?
perhaps because you’re downloading the newest version your key is not valid, it’s a bit like upgrading, but you should be able somehow to be able to install/download the version you bought,

Just to reiterate, I haven’t come across a software that needs plugins to be ‘added’ for a long time, install, activate with the key, restart computer & it’s done, some programs need AppData clearing so they reload the plugins but if you’re having problems i suspect it’s either a dodgy download or a firewall/virus protection issue

It looks like it’ll work once my BCC version is licenced.

As I quit the installer, I saw an option to use an already-registered activation number, and that allowed the installation to complete, so I now see the effects in Resolve.

But, when I try and use PI in Resolve, it has a red cross through it, so I go to activate and it comes up with the error - buy an upgrade.

I might try and find an old installer and see if that works.

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:+1: From what i can gather from this forum & my own experience, things like this are resolved fairly efficiently by the Boris team, hopefully the status of your licence & install will be resolved one way or the other fairly quickly,
4am here btw, having all Boris products to play with gives me a fair few late nights :joy::yawning_face::+1:
Best of luck,

Thanks again, Gid. Time for you to go to bed!

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If you bought the license in 2020 it may not cover the latest version currently available. If that is the case you could upgrade your license or try to install older version.

Hi There,

So there are two separate and distinct versions of Particle Illusion : one is a plug-in and is included in Continuum while the other is a freemium standalone product. The plug-in version requires a Continuum license to remove any watermarking. The freemium standalone version does not require a license and will never watermark.

If you have a current valid subscription license for Continuum then you should be able to use that license to run the latest version of the Particle Illusion plugin on your system. If your subscription has lapsed or if you were using a permanent license, then you will not be entitled to the upgraded new version of the Particle Illusion plug-in in Continuum.

I hope this helps.



Hi, a full licence means you’ve got it for life but after 1yr you loose updates/supports etc ?. so…
just out of curiosity, assuming User15 bought a full licence however long ago it was, is there a way to reinstall the related program & get that licence working again without having to upgrade or has that ship sailed & the program no longer available?

Legacy product installers are available on our web site so that should not be a problem. For instance, here’s a link to the legacy installers for Continuum : Boris FX | Legacy-downloads


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Thanks, it sounds like that’s the route User15 needs to follow if they do have a valid licence, I keep all my downloads in a folder, but i’d be in a similar boat if my PC got lost or stolen, I’d have to start afresh recovering all my programs, thankfully all my Boris stuff is up to date at the moment, but for future’s sake that’s good to know :+1::+1:

Yes, thanks Peter. I spotted the link at the bottom of the page and have finally got things pretty much working. Now to learn what’s new in PI since I last regularly used it 16 years ago! :slight_smile: