How to interpret the Mocha tracking data?

I am using the program to track the use of people’s bodies. Therefore I am creating an outline around each body using the X-spline layer tool. I track their bodies for 1 minute of video. I then export the tracking data to excel. It appears with a column called X pixels and one called Y pixels and results from 1-1500 frames of the video. It then repeats more results for ADBE Corner Pin-0001, 2, 3 and 4. I am not sure what this means. I want to compare how much one person uses their body compared to another. Therefore I need to know what ‘x-pixels’ and ‘y-pixels’ is? and what/where each Pin is? Ideally I want to see how much each body diverges from a centre point. Is this possible?

I tried to find this information online but i do not understand the jargon.

Can anyone explain how to interpret this tracking data? I have no doubt it is quite simple.

Many thanks in advance!

You’re probably going to want to use the tracking data instead of the shape data, that might give you a better idea of what you are looking at as that is just a coordinate system. Shape data is actually much more complex. Try exporting “transform data” instead and saving it as a text file.


Hi Mary,
Thanks for your message but I did export “tracking data”. FILE-> EXPORT TRACKING DATA.
I only have the choice of exporting tracking data or shape data. I don’t see anything for exporting “transform data”.
But what I need to know is what the exported information means…?
I appreciate your help.
Many thanks,

Hi Rose,

Your tracking data options include an option for corner pin or transform data, you want to pick the “transform data” option in the “export tracking data” menu.