How to Key out and insert comp green screen over background

I’ve got a human character with green-screen behind him I would like to place atop another clip, and use mocha to keep him stable, how do I key out the green screen while using mocha & Premiere without rotoing it out?

I’ve tried using a layer which was set to key out the green screen in the effect module within the timeline, inserting as layer does not maintain the key effect however.

I guess I can use tracking data but this does not work in premiere so I assume I must use AE?

If you have the Mocha Pro Adobe plug-in, you should be able to track and use the stabilize module. You would apply Mocha Pro to your green screen clip on V2, track and use stabilize. Set the output of the Mocha Pro effect to Render: Stabilize

Next you would apply a Key effect to that layer. (Continuum’s Primatte Studio is a great option). The one thing to look for is sometimes, stacking effects on top of Mocha plug-in in Premiere can get wonky. You might need to “Nest” this layer before adding the key effect. Alternatively, you could render the stabilize and make it a master clip.

Certainly to have more control over the composite, you could do the same in AE.

Hope this helps.

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OK nesting does the trick! YAY! Thank you so much!

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