How to make water (or blood) explode out of my ears

I’m working on an Youtube short / reel to promote a review I filmed of a blood pressure monitor (Aktiia Blood Pressure Monitor Review: This is life changing - YouTube).

One idea is to film ‘before’ with high blood pressure, taking my BP with a cuff, showing the reading going sky high, then either my head going off like an oil well blowout, probably from ears and nose, or something in the background, like a fountain going off.

I’m thinking best to use particle illusion, perhaps ‘water jet’ coming out of ears, but if anyone has any thoughts / ideas, would be much appreciated!

Did deeper into the libraries – “water jet” is 20 years old. Look for “stream” or “blood” or “water” or similar. Maybe even “steam” or “flow” or something.

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