How to model a volleyball fire/smoke trail?

I installed PI Standalone last night, and am pleased to report respectable fire/smoke trails on my daughter’s volleyball team season highlight reel. I am sure I did it the hard way / slow way / clunky way. I used an emitter from the library, New Meteor Trail 01. My first couple attempts resulted in a straight line along the ball flight path, with the whole line simultaneously bursting into flames followed by smoke. I am gradually understanding how I could use a shorter line to segment-by-segment build a [non-linear] flight path of flame and smoke, render it, and use it as an overlay in VideoStudio Ultimate 2019. Nonetheless, I am sure veterans of PI are building better “fire and smoke” trails, or doing it faster andmore efficient. I appreciate any Pro Tips for this situation.

Yes, PI has crashed a fair bit on my Windows 10 laptop, but yes, I’m very impressed by what PI can do, and the progress I’ve been able to achieve in a few hours of study and experimentation.

I have not yet watched any of the training videos, primarily because trial and error has been quite productive. I would be very interested in good 'ol fashioned documentation that would tell me about every parameter in the emitter New Meteor Trail 01.