How to omit the spline and tangents from the export shape data

I am using MochaPro plugin for adobe after effect. When it tracks a object, I see like 20 points on the screens which is connected by a line to 20 spline and tangents points. The tracking shows 40 points. I would like to export the data the same number as I see on the screen. I ma not sure if the track data includes the spline and tangents or not. But what I need is to have the export shape data just for those point i see. I am using the data to calculate the velocity in Y direction for an obejct.

Are you talking about the yellow tracer points or what is exported in the shape?

If you are using X-Splines to track, the export to Adobe is converted to Bezier so you will get a different number of points.

If you are just calculating velocity you only need the tracking data, not the shape data.

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I need export shape data since i need the velocity to be calculated by only one border of the shape not all. So I extract all data and calculate the velocity myself.

What I need is to extract the position (x,y) of the same number of points that I see on the tracking. When I extract the data, I see twice the number of points. It is indeed called Bezier.

I only check translation box in motion tab of track since I need a two dimensional tracking. Please advise.

If you want a 1-to-1 export, you’re better off drawing with Bezier splines in Mocha by selecting the tools under the spline dropdowns:

Any tool with a ‘B’ is a Bezier spline in Mocha. Any tool with an ‘X’ is an X-spline.

Thanks so much! I use the magnet. Is it possible to have magnetic selection with X-spline?

No, currently magnetic and freehand splines are x-spline only.

Thanks so much! Regarding X-spline, is there any way that we could see the points in the tracking data on the MochaPro interface? I suppose not. Please let me know.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes, i think so. Can you please let me know how fid you open that option to see the points like control point 9…

Here’s how to find it in DopeSheet