How to open a saved mocha AE project?


I saved a mocha project on my desktop the other day and now I don’t know how to open it - I don’t have a standalone mocha program, only an integrated mocha in After Effects CC 2017. Tried to drag and drop the .mocha file to AE, but AE did not allow this operation.

To launch mocha AE you must be operating within After Effects: select the layer you want to track, go to Animation>Track in mocha AE. You can then simply open the file instead of making a new one.


Thank you :slight_smile:

When I tried to open a mocha 5 file in AE 2017 using Animation > Track in mocha AE, I get an error message for either corrupted file or unsupported file format. What to do? The mocha tracking was done on a Mac that has AE 2017 and mocha 5. I am trying to open using AE 2017 on a PC. Both Mac and PC have Quicktime. Many thanks.

Mocha uses QuickTime to read many clip formats. As a general rule, if you can play the clip in QuickTime it should play in mocha.

Some files however do not read correctly in mocha due to the way they have been written by other hardware or software. We have been addressing this issue in recent versions of the software.

To fix this you will need to convert the file to another format, such as a QuickTime file in the ProRes, Photo-JPG or Animation codec.

Alternatively use an image sequence, which will guarantee it to work with your system. We recommend using DPX or TIF files, but a JPG sequence is fine for straight tracking and roto.

The Mocha Pro plugin reads from your host timeline instead of the source footage and eliminates this problem.