How to properly track text with perspective?


I’ve been following this guide: but when I get to 9:24 where I paste the tracking data onto the composition, my text seems to disappear. I can see that the corner pin is correctly tracked on, but the text is no where to be seen.

So for example, in this image where this is the first text comp, i rotated and positioned the text on the car. So when I precompose that to apply the tracking data, the text disappears like this: . I scroll through the clip, and it seems perfectly tracked, but the text is gone.

How come this happens?

Or is there another way to track text onto a plane with perspective? I tried some corner pin tutorials, but most of them only show to replace screens. I try it with text, but my text becomes distorted, and not in the position that I want it to be in.


Hi there,

Have you tried following this tutorial?

I think that will have the solution you are looking for. Make sure your surface tool is always visible in mocha too, if not, then there’s something wrong with the track and it will have to be replaced. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.