How to reach support for Continuum?

Hello everyone,

I am new to Continuum and unfortunately I am facing a few problems. I opened a ticket 6 days ago that now has the status “6d ago. Not seen yet”. How can I get the ticket seen? There is not even a Continuum category in this forum besides of one for version 11.

Maybe someone else can help with my problems? They are as follows:

Regarding BSS Title Studio:

  1. The skin was all dark in dark. I managed to set the window color to amedium gray, so now I can see all controls. But this is not normal, I guess?
  2. When the application should open a smaller window, this either works once or not at all. E.g., I click on edit->preferences. Preferences open, I click on cancel or OK, try to get to preferences again as decribed, but no window appears. Same with help->about. help->user giude never works.
    After closing and starting the application, I have one try again.
    Running on Windows 8.1 x64 with an AMD 7970 VGA card. All OS fixes and latest drivers are installed. Reboots did not help.

Regarding FX plugins in Vegas Pro:
I activated the licence. Licence key was accepted. However, when applying any random FX, in the preview I see a text telling me that the product is in trail mode and I might want to buy a licence.

As you can see here, all modules are reported as licensed:
1 Continuum Complete Units

After entering my licence key and hitting Unlock, I get a message telling me everything was ok:
2 Product Activation

As told, I restart Vegas and apply a random FX to my clip. This is from Match Move, which is reported as licensed:

Then the preview windows shows the trial mode message:

This is not my mother language, please forgive any awkward phrases or grammar mistakes. (I appreciate being corrected.) This is a very nice editor, btw!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello? Does anyone even read here?
Still no answer to my support request.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us on Discourse but this is not the correct forum for Continuum product support. I read your message and realize that you’ve made an attempt to contact support via the correct channel ( and that your submitted support ticket remains in an unread state. On behalf of the company, please accept our apologies for this highly unusual delay. I can’t explain it but I can tell you that I’ll personally go over to support and ask them to review your case asap - you will hear from them today. Thanks! Peter.

Hello Sir. Regarding the odd display of your Title Studio, could you send a few screengrabs of this to, as Peter recommends? One thing I might recommend to help with the behavior or Title Studio would be to Close Vegas and delete the BCC Title Studio and Boris Continuum Complete folders from here -

As for your Licensing, are you using a QF Serial, possibly bundled with Vegas 15? If so, you would only be Licensed for the 3D Objects Unit - the ‘Licensed’ is actually signifying the 3D Objects Unit itself, rather than stating that all Units are licensed; if you were to license an additional Unit, the ‘Licensed:’ would appear next to that Unit as well. If you apply a BCC 3D Objects effect, such as BCC Extruded Text, the Trial Mode prompt should not come up as it does for non-3D Object effects (such as Witness Protection, which would not be licensed by a QF Serial).

Thank you.