How to remove city building?

Hello, I would like to know if there is a tutorial explaining how to remove a building captured with a drone.
I need to make a video for my city and remove a building. Attached is the sample video.


I don’t think we have a specific tutorial on how to remove buildings.
You may want to look at the Remove module videos. This one might be a good place to start: Remove Objects From Video: Content Aware + Mocha - YouTube and here are all remove tutorials: Boris FX | Videos

Assuming you want to remove one or both of the main buildings in the foreground, a few things to consider for this type of shot:

The clean areas behind the building do not exist in the clip, so will have to be either painted (2D approach) or modeled and lit (3D). If there is more pre or post roll, perhaps you can build a clean plate based on more of the footage?

Truthfully, thre is a fair amount of parallax and depth in the shot that might make it difficult to pull off with just 2D planar tracking. Mocha’s planar tracker is 2.5D and a 2D remove (or insert) might not get you fully there for this motion and depth. Is this the highest resolution you have of the shot? Are you replacing the building with a new model or trying to remove entirely?

Hi Ross and thanks for reply.
I have the video in full hd quality, the sample is just for viewing reference and i want to remove entirely the dark building.