How to remove from static background

I’m just getting started on this and I’m wondering if I’m not trying to use Mocha for something it’s not designed to do…

I have a static, locked off shot of a room. The shot starts with the room empty, a second or so later a man walks in to the room stands there for a second and then leaves.

I want to try and remove him from this shot as if he never walked in. This is just for testing as normally I’d use some sort of animatte within Avid or something but I wanted to try it in Mocha.

The clip has essentially a clean plate at the beginning and end before and after the man has entered and left but I can’t get mocha to remove him?

I draw a shape around the man and track him as he enters and leaves. I draw a shape around the area of background that I want to remove him from and track it (even though there is no movement? Is this correct?) I drag the bg layer below my man layer, select the man layer and render in the remove tab but he is not removed. There is no change.

I don’t understand how one would go about removing someone in this sort of scenario? Or is this just. not how Mocha should be used and my results are to be expected?

Thanks for any help,


When you tracked the background, was the “man” layer above your background in the layer hierarchy or did you move it after tracking the background?

If not, that could be what you’re missing. See at 6:21 below

You should be able to take the steps from here and apply them. I know it worked perfect for me on a similar shot as you describe. Mocha Pro Tips: How to Remove a Moving Object - YouTube

Yeah, that’s a “best case scenario” for a remove, I am sure Mocha can do it no problem. Can you send a screenshot of your settings and layer order? I think this must be an order of operations issue.

Please let us know and we will be happy to help you,