How to remove my own watermark?

I’ve got my old gaming vids with my old logo and I want to remove it. I don’t have the source footage anymore. I was lacking disk space back then and had no idea I would ever need to come back to them. Is there a way to do this?

It depends on a lot of factors, but in most cases water marks are very difficult to remove due to the varying nature of the background.

If your watermark is sitting over multiple planes of 3d movement with disorted effects and particle systems etc you’re going to have a hard time replacing it cleanly.

If your gaming videos are of the 2d variety, it might be easier, but you’re looking at a heavy job if you’ve recorded hours of content.

Essentially watermarks can only be removed by painting them out on an existing frame (or multiple frames spaces out over time), and then using that frame to help paint out the other frames using “Clean plates exclusively” in the Remove module and tracked data from the moving background.

In most cases you’re probably better off finding another way to obscure the watermark, such as blurring, cropping or comping over the top.