how to render an area of the timeline which hasn't been rendered automatically?

In Mocha, somewhere on my timeline that it is not tracked automatically and I’ve tracked that area manually and also that area in the timeline actually is red, not blue because of not tracked or rendered automatically. how can I turn that red into blue? I want to link a layer to that tracked layer but when it reaches to that red line it loses track or misses!

Manual tracking (i.e moving the surface to generate keyframes with the “Manual” motion option set) should create keyframes.
Are you specifically manually tracking the blue surface?

I mean by manual tracking I try to adjust (Transform, Scale, Rotation, etc) properties by clicking and dragging it. that will generate new keyframes for every frame that I’m doing that, but it will now turn red line to blue! this is my problem that I can’t link another layer to this layer!
Any solution I appreciate it