How to repeat particle's action

I am using a particle from the library that repeats once when I put it on the time line. Finishes in about 15 seconds, and I would like it to repeat continuously for 4 minutes. Is there a way to do this (with changes that I keyframe) ? What params should look into?

Hi, what emitter are you using?
I don’t think you’re going to be able to make it repeat without duplicating the emitter and putting it’s start point further down the timeline so it starts later than the first one,

Emitters are made up of particles, each particle has a lifespan, it’s born & it dies,
The controls & keyframes determine the nature of & how that particle behaves throughout it’s life,
The emitter you’re using may consist of many different controls making the particles look & behave in a certain way,
For you to make a particle/emitter repeat you would have to give it a lifespan of the length you desire, in your case 4mins,
then you would have to set & keyframe each of the controls so that they repeat along the particles life,
Some simple emitters can be made to repeat a bit easier because there’s fewer controls & particles are emitted at a regular pace, so maybe just something like the Opacity, Number or size could be keyframed,
It would prob be easier to duplicate the emitter or if you’re using the plugin PI duplicate or loop the object on the hosts timeline.

Here I made an emitter repeat by setting & keyframing the Number to 0, moving 1 frame forward then setting it to 1500-ish, one frame forward again & keyframe back to 0.

As was already mentioned, it really depends upon the emitter.

It’s probably the emitter “Number” parameter that goes to 0 at some point to “turn off” the generation of particles or free emitters.

Thanks for both, Alan. I’ll check all the keyframes and see if they are going to “0” - probably right on the money.
I saw a quote from you about 5 years ago that said you guys were (thinking of?) adding a speed parameter. Any update on that? It would be the #1 addition in my opinion.

Otherwise, thanks for making the free version available - it’s a great piece of work.