How to replace video on a TV screen

Hello! I have a video of a subject watching a TV screen at an angle, and I’d like to replace the video on that screen. Is there a good way to do this with the plethora of Continuum tools I have ? I suspect Mocha may help me, is there a tutorial for this?
Many thanks.

Hi, does the camera move or is it static like on a tripod?
& is the subject covering part of the tv & them moving?

Most of the fxs in Continuum that have Mocha inc are for tracking or masking, control over the added effect. I think you would need Mocha Pro for what yo’re asking.

There’s lots of vids on Boris’s page, if the camera is moving & the subject is in the way of the tv screen, to replace the screen would be similar to replacing a phone or tablet screen in Mocha & the subject would need to be masked in a similar way to fingers that are swiping a phone screen,

The camera is moving; however, the subject never blocks the screen. I do remember the tutorial video you are referring to where the hand is swiping on a screen. Is that the approach you would recommend? I do not have Mocha Pro, however.

After looking over the Continuum effects page, I think BCC Transform may be what I’m after.

Hi, there’s a couple of fxs that will work similar to Transform, there’s Composite & Corner Pin Studio, if the camera is moving then you’ll have to keyframe the Corner pin points etc. as the video progresses,

I’m learning about Corner Pin Studio, I think it shows promise. I’m not sure this effect that I’m going for will be believable, as the TV screen is curved, and the camera is viewing it at an angle, but with some feathering it may work.

Yep, as Gid mentioned you should use BCC Corner Pin Studio for this task. It includes the Mocha planar tracker which will enable you to track the TV screen and insert a replacement video. You can find tutorials for this here : Boris FX | Videos


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This is working great, I’m quite pleased! One thing: I’m using a video as my overlay, not text. The video has a black bar at the bottom, which is invisible if you’re watching the video stand-alone; but composited onto the TV screen, it’s quite visible and spoils the effect. Is there a way to crop or limit the portion of the foreground layer that is applied? I’m already using PixelChooser to constrain the effect, but if I constrain it so far as to remove this black line, it removes too much of it.
Many Thanks.

Hi, sorry i forgot about the Mocha tracking inc in Corner pin studio, I have Mocha Pro so use that instead, :wink:
If your video has a black bar at the bottom you might have to render the video to 16:9 first if it’s not already & the Transform tools in CP aren’t enough?
the TV is curved? I’m sure there is a plugin that makes the sides of the inserted video curved & gives it a slight bulge like an old TV but i can’t remember which :man_shrugging: I have the full Boris suite plus many other plugins… too many for my brain to remember :older_man::joy::+1:

Can you share a full screen capture to show the black bar you’re ref to?

PS… the TV is curved try BCC+Lens Distortion
Or BCC Lens Correction + BCC+ Wide Angle Lens :man_shrugging::+1:

Okay, here is the image. You can see the black line near the bottom of the screen; it’s actually at the very bottom of the foreground video overlay.

This is an old-school TV with a curved screen; I used PixelChooser to mask off the screen curvature, and I think it’s quite effective, so I don’t think I need to go any further with modeling the screen curve. The foreground video is 4:3 to match the screen, but it has this flaw at the bottom. I’ve used generous feathering to have the video blend in with the TV screen at the edges.

What I’d like is to just get rid of that black line. I know I can always pop into After Effects and hand-edit it out or possibly blur it out, but I was wondering if there were a way to clip out the bottom few pixels of the foreground video.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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In CornerPin Studio there’s Source Pins/Crop, in there is a box to tick for Crop to Source Pins, you could use that to ‘clip out the bottom few pixels of the foreground video.’
If you’re using Pixelchooser you can create a Mocha mask of the screen that only allows images within the size of the screen to be seen, then use the corner pins in Cornerpin to enlarge the inserted clip beyond that mask & therefore cropping the black line out…
I might crop the video before applying to the screen tho, many ways to do this :+1:

The Source Pins/Crop feature did it for me, many thanks!

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