How to resize Zoom window?

I can’t seem to figure out how to resize the little zoom window that pops up when you move the corner points of the surface. I updated to the latest After Effects and thus the latest Mocha AE and now my zoom windows are small and I can’t figure out how to resize them.


Thanks for any help!

Hi there!

If you mouse over the actual zoom window, then the pan and zoom shortcuts should work for you. Sometimes the windows will appear to hop away, don’t worry, just get close and hit "z: for zoom, then drag to your desired size.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


Sorry, Mary, “unable to create topic at this time” is the error I kept getting and so posting here, perhaps it can be moved


Hello, I have had this happen several times and not sure what is causing it. I create a track, then create a second shape that I intend to use for roto. But over the timeline the linked track shrinks going forward from the initial link/parent location, and get larger going backward from that location. I have done this several times before with no issues, perhaps I unintentionally hit some optoin that is causing this?

I am having enough difficulty just trying to track a fast moving dancer, as it is, as I have not come across any tuts that would really help on this one. (I wish there was a vid showing you “make paint dry”, as I’m sure little tips would come forth. I am having to do multiple vids with 8-10K frames each, no green screen. This one is the only one with a contrasted bg). This is just making it impossible, as the shrinking happens even when importing the first track into AE and parenting a shape. That shape will shrink, too.



Perhaps Q is in the Mocha timeline