How to rotoscope or track this footage for face replacement

Hello there,

I’ve tryed to track this footage with a several shapes of splines to get a nice and precise face replacement, but when the blue area turns around and back to the front position, i lose the planar surface’s correct perspective (as seen on the video).

The cuestion is: How to rotoscope or track this properly to get the best results for replace the blue area with a pre-animated face?

I hope i’ve explained it correctly.

*I’m using the Mocha AE 2019 version


I’m going to guess it’s because the face and the ears aren’t actually on the same plane. When the actor’s head is down you can tell that the ears are a good 8" behind the blue face area.

Have you tried just drawing your shape around the blue face and tracking that? I’m not sure how well it will work because Mocha tracks textures and there isn’t much texture on that blue surface. You could also try just tracking the rectangular eye hole. Or maybe try tracking just the ears. Since it is a mask if any of those individual things will give you a nice track you should be able to do your composite with the tracking data.

In the future, I don’t think a flat blue helps you much. A QR code or something like that would be much better.

(Mary or Shane, did I get it right?)

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You’re probably going to have to use manual track and fake it a little to get this right. Since the turn is so drastic, I think that’s going to be the only solution.

Thank you both,

I tried this days turning on and off perspective option when the head turns away and back to front, also with “adjust track” gone better (i think finally understood how it works)

I’ve notice too that the planar surface gets better track when its size fits inside the spline (is this right or just my imagination?).

P.S. Btw Mary p, your videos on youtube have been very helpful with this project!

It only looks more accurate, the larger the planar surface the more you notice wobble. But in general, the surface tool should line up with the plane you are trying to track so you can best tell how your track is doing.

I am glad the videos have been helpful!